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Many have postponed their weddings from 2020 so that more people can enjoy their special day with them, in addition as Valentine’s Day approaches many more will traditionally ‘pop the question’. All these couples are waiting to find out when they can hold their event, but in the meantime there’s lots of planning and organisation that can be done – the guest list, venue, table plan, outfits, menu, favours, speeches, rings, decorations, flowers and cake to name a few, keeping the excitement alive.

Every couple will have different plans and ideas about what will create their perfect day, these choices often reflect the couple’s style – traditional, modern, quirky, vintage, along with the things they like such as places, images, design concepts, hobbies, etc. These will create the theme for their unique wedding day and the theme starts right at the beginning with the announcement.

There are lots of options of ready-made stationery available, but if you are looking for something special to reflect your theme and style, then creating your own is a great option. Whether you’ve seen something you quite like, but it’s not quite right, have a design in your mind that no-one sells, or have specific wording you’d like and don’t want to handwrite the addition, you can achieve exactly what you want by creating your own. This can then flow your theme through all of your stationery, from save the date cards and invitations, to the table plan and thank you cards, all you need to do is to take your ideas to a printer (who offers a graphic design service) to bring them to life. It’s really not daunting when you have someone who has done it before, to guide and advise you through it, helping you to create something that’s unique to your wedding and your style.