Our team is made up of professionals from the printing sector and we therefore have the experience to deliver superb print for all your products.

We don’t expect you to know about different paper weights and finishes, or varying formats for brochures or signage– that’s our job! We will discuss your requirements with you and then advise you on the best solution to achieve the results you desire.

Our job isn’t just about printing. We frequently advise clients on the types of messages that are most effective on their exhibition stand, the colours that may prove most eye-catching and the images that will attract the most visitors. We really are so much more than “just a printing company” and if you choose to work with us you’ll realise that very quickly.

Please contact us with any questions. You could even drop in, if you want to.

Why should you use PNG Digital?

Why use PNG Digital? There are lots of reasons why you should use PNG Digital to produce your print. But by far the most important, so far as we’re concerned, is the fact that we are friendly and approachable.

Whilst we’ve got over 100 years of collective experience within the printing industry, that doesn’t mean that we need to speak in technical gobbledygook.

Why use PNG Digital for your next printing job?

Our knowledge and experience means that we can advise you on the best way to achieve what you need. You know what you want and we’ll normally know how to achieve it. Both in terms of the printing process most suitable and the types of paper and finish we’ll select with you.

We don’t mind if the job is small or large. We’ll always go the extra mile. We aren’t the type of printing company that doesn’t see it as their job to look through a job before printing it.

If there’s a small typing mistake, we’d hope to warn you before the job’s printed.

We really do mean it when we say that we encourage customers to come in and discuss their printing needs with us.

Our process

Our comprehensive processes mean you always have an expert on-hand to speak to and that your project will be provided with the consideration it deserves, no matter how big or small the job is.

Our attention to detail is meticulous and we proof everything we print thoroughly and will advise you immediately if we spot any errors, whether that’s an apostrophe in the wrong place or a spelling mistake. We take great care to ensure logos and colours are accurate and in keeping with client’s brand guidelines, and that images are sharp and clear.