New Year, Fresh Start

After 2020 we’re all even more ready than usual for a fresh start this year. 2020 has been challenging for many of us, needing to adapt and change our businesses to stay profitable through the changing regulations. This has led to people deciding to try out new business ideas that they’ve been considering for a while and setting up new companies, for other it has meant a change of direction or style of operation.

Any business changes should be reflected in your branding, signifying to your customer that things have changed, so it’s a great time for a new look and a fresh start.

New businesses need to create brand awareness, to make customers think about the products and services when they are in the market to buy them, so the design needs to be eye-catching and memorable.

Whether it’s a re-brand or a new business, it’s all about getting your brand out there and being seen. Often the best place to start is by creating your stationery – business card, letterhead and compliment slip – so that you can leave your calling card and be remembered. Just make sure that   the quality of your stationery reflects your business – see through paper, printed when your own ink cartridges are running low is seldom the look you want, so make sure that it looks professional and ask for advice on key details such a weight of paper before you invest in your fresh new look.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2021.