Our Holiday Photograph Photo Panel Winner

Congratulations to Robert Burn who won a Photo Panel of his photograph of two lions taken whilst on safari in Kenya recently.

Robert, and his wife Joanne, were on their honeymoon in Kenya and visited several National Parks hoping to see as much wildlife as possible. The safari was only part of the honeymoon, taking up about 4 days, with the main part of the trip being spent at Diani Beach just outside Mombassa. They visited three National Parks; Tsavo East, Amboseli and the Taita Hills Widlife sanctuary.

Robert was really keen to spot a cheetah but he knew they’re solitary animals and so rarely seen so he wasn’t too downhearted when they failed to see any. On the other hand, Joanne was far less picky; she wanted to see anything and everything, although she’d never seen lions on her previous safari trips in South Africa, so lions did come pretty high up her list.

They were certainly not disappointed on the lion front; they saw plenty and at very close quarters too. Their lion photograph was taken whilst the lions were only three or four metres away from their safari bus and, as you can see from one of their other photographs, the lions got very close indeed to the bus in front of them!

We asked them what their favourite animal encounter was and whilst they found it very hard to choose from all of their amazing experiences, it was the night drive that they felt was the best, particularly the lions they saw by torchlight.