Proof your print. Some printers will simply take your file. As long as there aren’t any major problems, they’ll print and finish it.

Proof your print

We like to do a bit more than that. Well actually quite a lot more. When we receive your file, before we do anything, we’ll check that all the margins, bleeds and crop marks work. After that we’ll check that the colours are reproducible, and that the colour space for each page is set the same.

Then we’ll go the extra mile. We’ll actually read your document. It’s amazing how many little spelling mistakes or typing errors creep into so many documents. Even though the person that’s written them has checked them over and over again.

It might not be a spelling mistake. Maybe it’s just that sometimes you’ve used a capital letter for a term on a certain page, but not on another page. It’s not that we’re professional proof readers. It’s just that our eyes will be looking at the document for the first time. Coupled with the fact that it’s in our nature to have an eye for detail.

It all adds up to print we’ll all be proud of.

Proof Your Print - PNG Digital Blackpool

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