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Your stationery says a lot about you or your company. Obviously it should look good but it should also feel good too. How it feels depends on the paper it’s printed on and how the ink looks on the paper. A lightweight, thin paper feels cheap.

It won’t give off the best impression, in fact it just makes your company look cheap.It’s true that you can print your own letterheads and compliment slips on your office printer.

But if you do it will be obvious that’s what you’ve done. Office printers can never print to the edge of the paper. Not only does it look somewhat amateur, but it also gives you less space on the page.We can print virtually any kind of stationery.

It can be any size you’d like. Obviously the vast majority of people want A4 letterheads and 1/3 of A4 compliment slips. But people often want business cards that are slightly different.

Stationery Printing we offer.

  • Letterheads and compliment slips: We’ll advise you on a suitable weight and colour of paper; not all company logos look well on a creamy paper. Most compliments slips are 1/3 of A4, but they don’t have to be and they can be either vertical or horizontal format. Modern printing technology means that you don’t have to have thousands of copies printed at once so you can spread the cost and you won’t have to worry about any changed company details meaning you have to throw thousands of letterheads away.
  • Business cards: Your business card is one of the first things a potential customer will receive from you. How many times have you been given a card by someone who apologises for the quality of their card with the excuse that it was only a cheap one off the internet. Did that give you a good impression about them or their company? You might not realise it but you have quite a large number of options to choose from when having your business cards printed. The obvious one is the size of the card, then there is the shape; would you like the corners to be rounded, for example. Should it be double sided? How thick would you like the card to be? Should it have a matt laminate finish? Would you like a glossy business card and should it be glossy all over or just on your logo? You see, you do have a lot of choices but we’ll help and advise you to select the most suitable.
  • NCR pads: No carbon required pads are essential when you need multiple copies of hand written forms. We can produce several different sizes and in a wide range of colours. Sets are available in 2, 3 4 or 5 sheets.
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