Leaflet & Brochure Printing

Leaflets and brochure printing comes in all shapes and sizes. From a single page flyer to a multi page, bound brochure. You could choose to have a heavier cover and all or some of the pages can be glossy, or any other finish.

As with everything else we do, we pride ourselves on the straightforward and friendly advice we give. We’d like you to keep coming back to us for all your printing. We’ll help you choose what’s best for you, not us.

Leaflet & Brochure printing options

  • Single page: Often these are flyers to promote a single event or offer. They’re mostly glossy and can be single or double sided. You might want to think about having the page folded. A double sided A4 page, folded in half turns into a smart, economical 4 page A5 brochure. We can print any number you need; you don’t necessarily have to have thousands of copies.
  • Multi page brochures: If you’ve got more to say than can be fitted onto a single page then a multiple paged document is the way to go. Again, you have a lot of options but we’re here to help you choose. Once you’ve decided on the size and how many pages your brochure needs to be you can then look at other options. For instance, would you like a thinker cover, would you like glossy pages or maybe just a glossy cover? We can also produce a very high quality matt laminated finish too. There are a wide range of paper weights we can print onto but we’ll help you select an appropriate weight. Once your brochure has been printed it needs to be ‘finished’.
    Finishing refers to all the post printing processes such as trimming, folding, creasing, scoring, stapling, stitching and binding. There are three main ways to hold your brochure together, stapling, stitching or with glue. Stapling is the most obvious and straightforward but the other two often produce a more ‘professional’ result and are usually used for brochures with more pages. As the name implies, the pages are stitched together for a stitched binding. Using glue allows you to produce a finished product that is perfect bound. A perfect bound document has a flat or straight spine and this method always provides to best looking multi page brochures or booklets. Luckily we’re always on hand to advise on all these options.
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