Creative Printing. Creating good print is a process. This process has several finite steps. Unfortunately, these finite steps are often carried out by people who don’t talk to each other. Maybe they don’t even understand what happens in the steps that they aren’t involved in.

Creative Printing

We’d never claim to be designers at PNG Digital. We certainly aren’t copywriters either. However, we do know what makes top notch print. We understand all the steps. We welcome the opportunity of working with everyone involved in the process.

We’ve worked in print for decades and have an intimate knowledge of colour management and paper types. Along with all the various ways of binding or folding documents. We love it when customers feel happy to come and ask our advice. Especially on things like whether certain colours will look good on certain paper stocks. Or whether a gloss or matt finish would be better.

Should your booklet be wire-bound, perfect-bound or stitched? How should the pages be set up if part of the document folds out?

Of course, you may have already decided on all these things before you come to us. Obviously that isn’t a problem either. We just want you to know that we’re very approachable. We won’t try and make you feel daft because you don’t know anything about colour spaces.

After all, there’ll be plenty of other things you know far more about than us.

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